About me

Hello, my name is Marienna,

Perhaps the best way to introduce myself would be to showcase my veterinary diploma, however I am a strong believer that my passion is more important than my paperwork. I could not be more proud of the credentials I have earned, but my hands on dedication to animals is what really matters most.

So Who Am I?

Residing in a quiet area of Bristol has afforded me to live a normal, albeit hectic life similar to most people. Having a January birthday might leave one to assume I am a winter person, but nothing could be further from the truth.

My routine is comprised of: waking up – dogs – job – dogs + husband – sleep – repeat. Currently I am taking care of two handsome, well-behaved canines that have filled my life and heart with joy. Their kindness to me is only outdone by their devotion. For those out there that may be on the fence of having a furry loved one, I can strongly advocate that their presence is a blessing that you will never regret. All that is required is a little space in your home that can potentially fill a large void in your life. Your new friend will immediately impact your mood and environment in positive ways.

Allow me to introduce them:

RORA is my magnificent 4 year old German shepherd with a beautiful black coat of fur. My second treasure is PRINCE, a 2 year old pit bull with plenty of spunk. I have provided a few photos of my companions below. What do you think of my family? I will actively try and add updated photos of my dogs in between informative, helpful articles pertaining to these pets, however all pictures of them can be found on their Instagram here. A sincere thank you to all my followers, as I very much appreciate your interest. Additionally, if you need any help, feel free to contact me there, as it is much more effective and allows for increased interactivity.

Rora is my black german shepherd
My RORA <3
2 years old pitbull starring at me
My lovely Prince

Why This Website?

First and foremost I love my work, my dogs, and my life. I value useful information, and it is vital to me that people obtain the correct, helpful information they need, especially in regard to pets. Having seen so many errors on popular websites, it became a passion to provide the proper facts.

While these sites may have value, my goal is to provide a different perspective on dog issues. Also, pawsandsnout sounds cute and motivated me to write and share my ideas with you. But it’s not just about my advice, as I am open to every suggestion, tip and fresh information to learn something new together to keep our dogs healthy, happy and safe.