My Favorite Paw Dog Balm: Paws and Snout Premium?

I came to using my favorite dog paw balm regularly about a year ago when a specific incident happened to one of my dogs. After a long walk on rough terrain with lots of snow, ice and everything in between (it was a struggle for me as well), I noticed that at the end of this session RORA started to move more slowly. She chose her steps carefully on each surface with little confidence, and it was obvious it was affecting her overall happiness. Upon returning home, I immediately checked her paws and was concerned to find that her feet were extremely dry and bleeding in a few spots. It was then that I started using dog pad cream with regularity and I am eager to share my thoughts on how successful it was.

Best Dog Paw Balm – How I Chose My Best

You may be asking what dog paw wax is and how it works. Or perhaps, when to use it? Dog pad cream is essentially a balm that is a shield between their feet and surfaces that can cause harm. It is also very effective on their noses, should they become cracked. The luxury of its application for moisturizing a canine’s pads and keeping them hydrated is that it is worthwhile all throughout the year. Summer time is not just exposure to heat, but the elements as well, and scorching pavement will have your pet suffering every step they take. A lot of people think the winter months give animals a reprieve, but in some cases it is even more damaging. Ice, and the corresponding salt we use to melt it, can cause paws to bleed or crack, and at minimum, provide discomfort. It is essential to have something in your arsenal that moisturizes and protects the paws. This is also just as applicable to dry noses too.

What Types?

In my experience, you should perform your due diligence to get the right brand. You can find several variations of products related to paw butter. There are soothers, lotions, waxes and balms all with the goal of providing protection and restoration. To me, the most important aspect is how positively it not only relieves the discomfort of my dogs, but improves their overall well-being without being intrusive. I obviously do not want them to ingest the ingredients when they lick their paws, so 100% natural components are essential. Buying a non-perfumed (no additives) solution means that you have 50% of the battle already won. Even better, one that is friendly to the environment as well.


RECOMMENDED TO AVOID: mineral oils, petroleum, zinc oxide, lidocaine, diclofenac, hydrocortisone, and calcipotriene. All have potential to be harmful to your pet, even in small doses.

Price Range & Choosing The Brand

If you are like me, selecting the proper choice starts and ends with how well it accomplishes making my dogs happy and delivering a soothing and nourishing finish. Being my most loyal friends on the planet, it goes without saying I want the best for them. Of course I have my own preferences beyond its success rate as well. I am the type of personality that prefers a unique and eye-catching aesthetic on the packaging. It is my opinion this differentiates brands from those who are trying the same old thing, regardless of how well they produce a worthwhile outcome. I have found that if you truly want to treat your dog’s cracked, dry, or sensitive paws, you need to go with the company that cares about your companion as much as you do. Should you desire to take the plunge on any of my recommendations, it must be noted they last for a long period of time, and even regular application only necessitates a small portion for each paw, and even less on the snout.

These are my TOP 3 Picks:

My Winner

Paws And Snout Premium Protection Cream by Happiest Dog

Of all the paw wax products I meticulously mulled over, it is an understatement that this choice met all my criteria as a perfect solution. Unlike some of its competitors, it is equally as effective on the nose as well the feet. In fact, other options in this space do not even include ingredients that are recommended on muzzles. Even applying on other exposed hot spots like ears and elbows, the healing paw balm was phenomenal in restoration. After closely monitoring its effects, it was very noticeable that it was able to replenish, protect and moisturize the pads and nose with ease. Beyond falling in love with its clever package design, the ingredients are robust in their abilities and the company’s support is second to none. My dogs also don’t even attempt to lick it off, which is an added bonus.

Perhaps the only con that may give you pause is its slightly higher price tag, but when you figure it works flawlessly 365 days a year it is worth it for my pups, as I want them to only have the best.

P.S. With more digging on the brand, I found out they manufacture in Europe. This was even more reassuring, as they are known to have a much more strict criteria for quality ingredients.

My Second Choice

Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax

Before coming across Paws and Snout Premium by Happiest Dog, Musher’s Secret was my go to for a long time. I was introduced to it initially by its popularity in pet circles, and for the most part it met my criteria. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the negative aspect to its application was that as a natural dog paw balm, my pooches still found it to be a bit harsh on their skin. Even though the packaging is largely unimpressive, it does, in fact, work. That said, my dogs behaved nervously any time I rubbed it in. It is a solid paw wax, but has some drawbacks.

My Third Choice

Paw Soother by Natural Dog Company

The Natural Dog Company healing paw balm excels in several ways. They have built trust with consumers over time since their lineup of products have been around for years, and their packaging is so appealing it almost appears it is designed for humans. The result of its use is successful, and it is a nice touch that it is vegan. There are some things however that aren’t as favorable. For starters, they have separate products to address the paws and snout, so it runs up your bill higher than other options. Additionally, it utilizes a bit of tea tree oil which some veterinarians say is unwise to apply on dogs.


Preventing infection and encouraging your pet’s paws and snout to be healthy and restored during trying times is something we all aim for. Using a solution that is designed for soothing and healing your dog’s damaged paws is highly recommended, and something that immediately increases their quality of life. Protecting their most valuable assets assures them that they are taken care of to the best of your abilities.

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